10 Top Essentials for Minimalist Nursery

Minimalist nursery by Katya Malkin

10 Top Essentials for the Minimalist Nursery

Today we are going to talk about 10 top essentials for the minimalist nursery. Start with a clean space, room, area whatever you have at the moment. Just white walls. We need to find a focal point, an anchor. The crib is our focal point. This is why choosing the right crib bedding and a blanket is essential for creating a minimalist nursery. For my example, I chose black and white monochrome theme. That's right, it's all about the black and white color scheme, with monochrome nurseries becoming a popular trend!

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1. Minimal, black and white bedding. This one is very important for achieving the minimalist nursery. Could be grid or stars, black print on white background.

2. Small scaled rocking chair. This chair is a modern classic and will look great in any kids room.

3. An adorable fluffy cloud pillow that centers the room and your eyes are drawn to it. The cute smiley face is a bonus. And of course, you want this pillow to be huggable. Funny story, a few days ago we were in a big chain supermarket, and they had a stand with such ugly plush animals, (you know the cheap ugly ones! ) and my 2-year-old daughter Emma was hugging each and every one of plush monsters for around 40 minutes, so don’t get into this kind of trap! We really want cute, unique, most importantly something that will put a smile on your child’s face for years to come.

4. Wall art is a very important step in making the minimalist nursery. Print it yourself baby panda printable nursery art. It’s black and white, very simple to print at home, and you can change it up in minutes (more like an hour with my printer, but you know what I mean;).

5. Natural wood crib. I like IKEA SNIGLAR crib, used it with all three of my kids. It’s light wood, goes well with everything and super inexpensive.

6. Big leaf plant like fiddle leaf figs plant or rubber plant is my favorite because it’s hard to kill it, believe me, I’ve tried... Fladis basket is from IKEA, you would need to put ceramic planter (without hole on the bottom) inside because the basket can’t be wet.

7. Crazy sturdy toy storage bin. Seriously, the number of times my kids took every single toy out of it just to climb into it.

8. Cute set of nesting dolls, just kidding, don’t really have to HAVE it, though I really want to. The idea is to decorate with small black and white objects, preferably wood, decorative and clean lines.

09. Dresser is a great piece of furniture. I love to use IKEA Malm dresser. Think of it like something you would want to use for yourself. Clean lines, deep drawers, easy to organize.

10. Round ABC Rug, graphic, minimal, just what we need.

That is it for today!

As you can see all these items are really budget friendly but will make a gorgeous minimalist nursery.

I hope you found it helpful! Let me know what you think in the comments section. I would love to do a round-up of top 10 cribs, nursery pillows, nursery wall art, children books. What would you like to see?



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